Are you entitled to money off your Council Tax?

Are you entitled to a Council Tax discount or reduction, or are you exempt?

In some cases, you may be entitled to money off your Council Tax bill, or you may not have to pay Council Tax at all (called an exemption).

Please choose the option(s) below that best describes your situation. You will see more information and can use our online form to tell us your circumstances, so that we can recalculate your bill.

Before you begin, you will need your Council Tax bill to quote your account number for your application to be verified. Your Council Tax reference number is nine digits long and starts with a 9. If you currently pay by Direct Debit, you will also need your bank details to hand as part of the authentication process.

If you do not have a Council Tax reference number, because you have recently changed address, please complete our change of address form.

Discount, reductions and exemption categories include: