Receive your Council Tax bill by email

It's quick and easy to switch to email billing. You'll need your email address, postcode and Council Tax reference number. 

The benefits of E-billing include:

  • Receiving your bill as soon as it is available
  • Being able to request and receive a copy quickly – often you may need to present an up-to-date bill for identification purposes
  • Being able store and retrieve bills electronically, but still being able to print one if needed
  • Saving paper and helping the environment
  • Saving Eastleigh's residents cost of printing, sorting and postage 
  • Savings are ultimately passed on to Eastleigh’s residents

Please note that by signing up for E-billing you:

  • Agree to tell us of any change to your e-mail address
  • Agree to the issue of all bills to the e-mail address provided


You can opt out of this service at any time.  Any future bills will be sent through the post.