It is important that you inform us when someone has passed away. We will need to know about a death of a liable Council taxpayer (or anyone aged over 18) so we can update the Council Tax account.

Tell Us Once

If you haven’t already, it is recommended that you use the Tell Us Once service. It allows you to report a death to major Government departments (including Eastleigh Borough Council) in one go using an online form.

Learn more by viewing the information video

We will be notified, and will adjust the account and send a revised bill to the executor’s address.

If the deceased was the only person at the address, then an exemption for Council Tax will be applied to the account and you won’t need to apply for the exemption again using the form below, unless circumstances change. It is then important that we are advised when the following has happened:

  • When probate is granted
  • If the property is sold
  • If someone moves in
  • If someone inherits the property
  • When the tenancy ends

Discounts and Exemptions

It may be that the Council Tax account is now eligible for an exemption or discount.

If as a result of a death in the household the property is then empty, then Council Tax will be exempt until six months after probate. Please refer to FAQs below.

If you are a surviving partner or jointly liable person and you use the Tell Us Once service or complete the form below to confirm that you are now the only adult in the household, we will give you a single person discount (without having to apply separately for this).

Council Tax discounts and exemptions

By completing the following form, we can assess whether your Council Tax account requires an adjustment.


A refund will not be automatically generated unless the account is closed.

Please pay the outstanding balance as requested on any bill issued. Payment reminders will be sent to the executor after a period of time. If funds are not available, then please get in touch and we can advise you of any options.

After the resident has passed away and the property is empty, an exemption is awarded regardless of whether it is furnished or not. Provided the property remains unoccupied an exemption will continue until either:

  • The tenancy ends (we consider the tenancy to have ended once the keys are handed back to the landlord)
  • Probate is granted

  • If the property has been transferred to beneficiaries, they will become liable to pay the Council Tax, and a new account will be set up in their name
  • If the property remains unoccupied and in the hands of the executors, the exemption can continue for a further six months. Once this period has ended then full Council Tax will then become payable, and a bill will be issued to the executors.
  • If the property remains unoccupied and unfurnished for a period of two years after the exemption has ended, the full charge plus an empty property premium of 50 per cent will become payable. This was introduced to address the housing shortage by encouraging owners of all empty property to bring them back into use more quickly, either through sale or rent.