Breastfeeding in Eastleigh

Breastfeeding in Eastleigh Borough

Page last updated at 25 October 2016 at 14:30

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NHS research has shown that breastfeeding brings a number of health benefits for both baby and mother and the Council is working to encourage mums to feel confident and welcome to carry on breastfeeding for as long as they choose to. In the borough 85% of mums breastfeed newborns, but by 6-8 weeks this has decreased to 45%.  

The two main reasons that mums stop breastfeeding are; there isn’t enough accessible help once they have left hospital and that mums feel that they can’t breastfeed outside the privacy of their home. The council are committed to making breastfeeding an easier choice for mums who wish to do so.

The Council is working to help mums by providing locations throughout the borough where mums can breastfeed their babies easily.  The Council in partnership with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust will be asking retailers in Eastleigh Town Centre to join Eastleigh Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme and display a sticker so that mums know they can breastfeed there, in a friendly environment.  The plan is to roll the scheme out across the rest of the borough over the summer.

As well as making breastfeeding more welcome, Eastleigh Borough Council has teamed up with the NHS, Chamberlayne Children’s Centre and the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) to provide the Eastleigh Breastfeeding Support Project, a free drop-in group on Mondays at Chamberlayne Children’s Centre where friendly experts can help solve problems and offer information and encouragement.