Housing options

There are a range of options when you are looking for a place to live

A national shortage of housing has resulted in very high house prices and the demand for affordable housing has never been greater.

We can advise you on your best options based on what you can afford.  These include: 

Housing Associations
Most low-cost rented housing in Eastleigh is managed by Housing Associations. Housing Associations are not-for-profit organisations that provide homes at social rents, affordable rents and for low-cost home ownership. Many of their homes have been funded by government grants and managed by a board of housing, finance, legal and other experts. Some Associations pay a small remuneration to board members while others are entirely voluntary. We work closely with all the Housing Associations in the Borough to meet the needs of our residents.

The largest Association in Eastleigh is VIVID which includes the former Council Housing owned by us. 

Once you register through the joint housing register you will be able to apply for vacancies when they are advertised. There is a big shortage of this type of housing in our Borough so the wait time may be long.

Hampshire Home Choice
To apply for a housing association home to rent or to part-buy you need to join the Homechoice register 

If you worried about becoming homeless we can help you with advice to prevent this happening and help you find somewhere else to live. 

Private Landlords
If you can afford to rent privately or are able to receive support with your rent there are many private landlords operating in Eastleigh. Shelter provides excellent advice on renting through a lettings agency. 

Housing Benefit
Housing Benefit is available for people on low incomes, according to their means.