Your green recycling bin

Your green recycling bin is collected fortnightly

We will collect your green recycling bin one week and your black household waste bin the following week.  

What you can and can't put in your green recycling bin

Take a look at the four types of items we can recycle, how to prepare them and what the exceptions are.

Please ensure that all your items for recycling are loose, clean and dry. Plastic bags are not accepted for recycling. 

Mixed Paper Rgb Port2


Most paper can be recycled, please remove plastic wrapping. 

The following won't be accepted:
Shredded paper, tissues and kitchen roll, metallic wrapping paper, wallpaper, paper towels, glittery greetings cards and if paper is stained/dirty with food, grease, paint etc. 

Cardboard Rgb Port2


Cardboard can be placed in your bin. Tear and fold it down to fit more in. If on occasion you have more cardboard than can you can fit in the bin, it can be placed in a cardboard box (no more than 70cm square) next to your bin on the day of collection.

The following won't be accepted:
Greasy card such as pizza boxes.

Cans Aerosol Rgb Port2

Food tins, drink cans and aerosol cans

Please empty and clean your cans before recycling. Sweet and biscuit selection tins are also accepted.

The following won't be accepted:
Full aerosols and tin foil packaging.

Plastic Bottles Milk 2L Rgb Port2

Plastic bottles

Any bottle shaped plastic can be recycled. Lids (but not pump or spray tops) and labels can be left on. Please empty any liquid content and squash the bottle before replacing the lid. Don't forget your cleaning, hair product and cosmetic bottles.

The following won't be accepted:
Any non-bottle plastic, such as margarine tubs or plastic packaging trays.

Usual suspects for contaminated recycling bins

If these items appear in your green recycling bin, then the bin may not be collected.

  • Tissue paper and kitchen roll
  • Greasy card e.g. fast food boxes
  • Paper with paint, glitter or glue on it
  • Other plastics, which are not a bottle
  • Sweets and crisp wrappers
  • Tetra paks e.g. juice cartons
  • Plastic bags - do not bag your recycling

You can recycle other materials through our food waste, glass and battery, and garden waste collections.

For items we are unable to recycle within the Council's kerbside collections, please visit our Recycle More pages. You can bring certain items for recycling to local Household Waste and Recycling Centre or local recycling banks.