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  • Housing Benefit

    Housing Benefit is a regular council payment to help pay your rent. You could get Housing Benefit.... An overview of Housing Benefit is available from the Department for Work & Pensions. Please remember... Regulations 2018. More details The Housing Benefit Portal Landlords: From 1 June 2022 we will no longer

  • Discretionary Housing Payment (DHPs)

    If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, including housing costs, and it does not meet the full amount of your rent, you can apply for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs). These payments... included in your rent. To cover any shortfall in Housing Benefit that occurs due to an overpayment

  • Government support

    of Universal credit which is recoverable from subsequent payments of benefit. Call 0845 600 0723, lines... payments for new benefit claimants in hardship who are awaiting their first payment of benefits; payment

  • Report Council Tax Support fraud

    Do you know someone who is claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support they may not be entitled to? You can report benefit fraud online to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Telephone on 0800 854 440, textphone on 0800 328 0512, or by post to: National Benefit Fraud HotlineMail

  • Benefit Cap

    otherwise be higher.  If a benefit cap applies to you, we administer the cap by reducing your Housing... on benefit applies to you.  The cap is a limit on the total amount of benefit that people of working age can receive. The benefit cap means that working age claimants will be paid no more in benefits than

  • Local Housing Allowance

    Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a way of working out Housing Benefit for private tenants. LHA applies to anyone who lives in private rented accommodation and has made a new claim for Housing... of the calculation to work out how much Housing Benefit you get. Your personal rate of LHA will depend on where

  • Other forms of support

    The options in this area of the website are in addition to or alongside the initial routes of: Council Tax Support Housing Benefit Universal Credit Discretionary Housing Payment We work in partnership with Eastleigh Citizens Advice who offer free, independent and confidential advice on a range

  • MyEastleigh updates

    Recent improvements: Accessing your Council Tax and Housing Benefit information  Eastleigh Borough Council has developed the Council Tax and Housing Benefit areas of MyEastleigh to enhance and increase services. On your MyEastleigh dashboard/homepage a "Council Tax and Housing Benefit/Council Tax

  • Under-occupation

    If you live in a Housing Association property and you have 1 or more spare bedrooms, your Housing Benefit may be reduced. This will affect you if: you are of working age you are sick or disabled... the difference between your Housing Benefit entitlement and your rent - if you don't, your tenancy

  • Report Fraud

    against Eastleigh Borough Council then please contact us as detailed below. Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support Concerns about someone claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support? Report... and/or relief? Contact our Revenues & Benefits team Housing tenancyTenancy fraud is very serious

  • Moving home

    If you are moving home or moving into the Borough, you need to let us know.  To update your Council Tax records and other services you may use, such as housing benefit or subscribed waste collections (e.g. garden waste), please click the button below.  You may also need to update the following

  • Change of address or circumstances

    Housing Benefit, you can do so through our moving home form. This will also update your address for other... your home Changes in the amount of childcare you pay Change of Circumstances form for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support This form is to be used if you have had a change in your circumstances

  • Supported housing and support in the community

    services that may be of benefit. Fledge offer rooms in shared accommodation to those with housing...We understand that some people need support to manage or sustain their housing.  Supported housing... support providers for the Borough are: Two Saints have a small number of shared supported housing

  • Care leavers

    and budgeting to help you make a successful transition to independent living in the future.  Housing Options... a safe and suitable home under a supported lodgings arrangement.  Supported housing for young persons... on-site.  The level of support would depend on the needs of the individual.  Housing options for care

  • Universal Credit

    Housing Benefit Please note that Universal Credit does not include help to pay your Council Tax. You...Universal Credit is a new type of benefit designed to support people who are on a low income or out of work. If you qualify, you will receive a single monthly payment into a bank account chosen

  • Garden waste

    concession: £40.00 for residents in receipt of Council Tax support or housing benefit Second bin concession: £34.00 for residents in receipt of Council Tax support or  housing benefit Half yearly fee...: £34.00 for residents in receipt of Council Tax support or housing benefit Second bin concession

  • Benefits, support and employment

    Benefits, a range of support and employment and training opportunities

  • Non-dependants

     and deductions may be made from Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support if they live with you as part of your... (lodgers, sub-tenants or boarders). How non-dependants affect your claim for Housing Benefit... that the claimant gets child benefit for joint tenants the landlord other tenants in the property

  • People with an offending history

    of England Contact us If you have an offending history and would benefit from housing related advice... housing, covering: Young persons' Mental Health Social inclusion Offender rehabilitation Domestic abuse HM Forces personnel Community based support Emergency housing (homeless hostels) Temporary

  • Eastleigh Local Area Committee invests in the community

    £300,000 to improve parks and open spaces