Government support

Government support in addition to Universal Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

National Breathing space scheme 

From Monday 4 May 2021, The National Breathing Space Scheme enables people to apply for “breathing space” from their debts to allow extra time to repay.  If you are experiencing debt issues and wish to apply for the Breathing Space Scheme you need to apply for Breathing Space via a money or debt advisor.

The Council work in partnership with The Citizens Advice Bureau to enable residents to have access to this support. If you are looking to apply they can be contacted for support by phone 0808 278 7862 or on their website.

Universal Credit Advance

A Universal Credit Advance (new claim) or (change of circumstances) is an advance payment of a future award of Universal credit which is recoverable from subsequent payments of benefit. Call 0845 600 0723, lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm.

Council Tax Hardship Payment

If you are struggling to pay and you have already made a claim for Council Tax Support, whether it was successful or not, you can also apply for a Council Tax Hardship Payment (CTHP).

Local Welfare Assistance

Hampshire County Council has been given money by the Department for Work and Pensions to develop what has been called Local Welfare Assistance. This money is to be used to develop local help and support for people who are facing crisis or struggling to cope.

Department of Work and Pensions - Short Term Advance

Advance payments for new benefit claimants in hardship who are awaiting their first payment of benefits; payment has been delayed; or there has been a change of circumstances that will increase their entitlement but it has not yet been paid. Ring and request Short Term Advance, providing info on financial circumstances, specific costs for which the advance is needed, amount required, and period the amount will last for. Info taken in a telephone interview will be passed to a decision maker, who will ring the claimant within 24 hours and confirm the decision.

0345 or 0845 608 8545 Either dialing code may be used, but check with your phone company which will be cheaper.

Department of Work and Pensions - Hardship Payments

Payments for claimants who have been sanctioned and are in financial hardship. Ring to request, details will be taken and passed to decision-maker, who will assess and ring claimant back within 24 hours. Applicants will need to explain the payments they need, how the money will be used, and how long it will last

0345 or 0845 608 8545 Either dialing code may be used, but check with your phone company which will be cheaper.