Report Fraud

What to do if you suspect fraud or corruption

Fraud within the public sector costs the UK taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds each year. Detected cases of fraud, bribery and corruption are on the increase especially in the current economic climate.

Our Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy

If you have concerns regarding fraud and corruption against Eastleigh Borough Council then please contact us as detailed below.

  • Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support
    Concerns about someone claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support?
    Report it
  • Council Tax
    Concerns about someone making a false claim for Council Tax reduction, exemptions and/or relief?
    Contact our Revenues & Benefits team
  • Housing tenancy
    Tenancy fraud is very serious as there aren’t enough social housing homes for people who need them. Every time a property is misused, a family in genuine need is left without a home. They are also causing even longer waits for those entitled to live in social housing. If you have concerns that someone is committing tenancy fraud please contact or the Housing Association: Abri or VIVID
  • Business Rates
    Concerns about someone/a business making a false application for business rate reduction, exemptions and/or reliefs?
    Contact our Business Rates department
  • Residents parking permits
    Concerns about someone fraudulently obtaining a residents parking permit or misuse? 
    Contact our Customer Service Centre
  • Blue Badge
    Blue badges are issued by Hampshire County Council
    If you suspect someone is misusing a blue badge please email
  • Department for Work & Pensions
    Concerns about benefit fraud, such as income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, or universal, child tax, working tax and pension credit.
    Report to the Department for Work & Pensions Fraud and Error Service 

Fraud & Corruption within Eastleigh Borough Council

The Council will treat any instances of fraud or corruption by its employees, Councillors or contractors as serious breaches of discipline and as potentially criminal acts. Bribery of or by any Council employee, Councillor or contractor for either personal or organisational gain will be similarly treated.
For further guidance and how to report a concern