Examination documents

A list of examination documents for the Local Plan Examination

ED1    27 November 2018    Notification to Regulation 19 respondents of appointment of Inspector and Programme Officer

ED2    12 February 2019       Notification of the change of Inspector for the Examination

ED3    20 March 2019           Inspector's initial letter to Eastleigh Borough Council

ED4    29 March 2019           Council’s reply  to the Inspector’s letter of 20.3.19 (ED3)

ED5    2 April 2019                 Inspector’s letter to EBC following their letter of 29.3.19 (ED4)

ED6    3 May 2019                 Transport assessment based on a phased approach to the completion of the SGO and link road (and appendices)

ED7    7 May 2019                 EBC response to Inspector’s letter ED5

ED8    7 May 2019                 EBC letter to Inspector - Overview New Forest Recreation Mitigation     

ED9    17 May 2019               Inspector’s letter to EBC:  Submission dates for evidence

ED9A  13 May 2019              Updates Tables         

ED10   20 May 2019              EBC letter to Inspector including table of submission dates for evidence updates

ED11   June 2019                  Sustainability Appraisal addendum (update doc 3: SUB016)

ED12A  June 2019                Habitats Regulation Assessment Report - (Update doc 4a SUB017a)

ED12B                                     Habitats Regulation Assessment Update - Appendices (update doc 4b: SUB017b)

ED12C                                     Eastleigh Borough Council New Forest Interim Mitigation (update doc 7b: SUB019B)

ED13    October 2018           Southampton city Council further comments on regulation 19 representation (update doc 6: SUB018)

ED14A  February 2019         Highways England comments on Local Plan Transport Assessment Review (update doc 7a: SUB 019A)

ED14B                                      EBC Response (Systra) to Highways England comments on Local Plan Transport Assessment (update doc 7b:   SUB019B)

ED15     February 2019          Supplement to Transport Assessments (update doc 7c:  SUB019C)

ED16A   February 2019         Transport Assessment Part 1 with minor amendments (update doc 7D:   SUB019d)

ED16B                                      Transport Assessment Part 2 inc. appendices with minor amendments (update doc 7E: SUB019d) 

ED17      May 2019                 EBC: Update Public Transport & cycling strategy (update doc 8: SGO022)

ED18      June 2019                EBC: Strategic Growth Options: Comparative Assessment background paper Transport issues (updatedoc 9: SGO023)

ED19A   June 2019                EBC: Housing Programme Update and Appendix 1 (Cabinet report)

ED19B                                      EBC: Housing Programme Update Appendix 2 (update doc 15: SGO024 for both docs.)

ED20      June 2019                Housing Trajectory Update

ED20A                                      Appendix A Update Housing Trajectory Appendices (update doc 1: HOU020)

ED21      June 2019                EBC: Update Employment Trajectory rebased to 2018 (update doc 2: ECON008)

ED22      Nov 2018                 Arcadian Ecology: Survey of Southern Damsel Fly in Itchen Country Park (update doc 5: ENV012)

ED23      June 2019                Ricardo Energy & Environment: Human Air quality Impact Assessment Updates and 2020 Model results (update doc 16: ENV013)

ED24     Dec 2018                  M3 J12 Revised transport modelling (update doc 10a; TRA012a)

ED25     May 2019                 M3 J12 Improvements Preliminary Assessment Report for Pitmore Bridge and Hocombe Bridge for proposed Carriageway Widening (update doc 10b: TRA012b)

ED26     May 2019                 Atkins technical note on M3 Junction 12 improvements Allbrook Way widening (update doc 11: TRA013)

ED27     May 2019                 Highbridge Road to Bishopstoke Lane Review including appendices (update doc 12a: TRA014a)

ED28     June 2019               Allbrook Road Bridge  Replacement to accommodate PBA road improvements Technical Note (WYG) (update doc 12b: TRA014b)

ED29A   June 2019              EBC: Deliverability & Viability of Strategic Growth Options (update doc 14a: DEL014a)

ED29B                                    EBC: LP Viability - Strategic Growth Options Additional Scenario Testing (update doc 14b:DEL014B)

ED29C                                    Appendix I SGO Sensitivity Testing - Results Summary (update doc 14c: DEL014c)

ED29D                                    Appendix 2 SGO Sensitivity Testing - Appraisal Summaries F (update doc 14d: DEL014d)

ED30     26 July 2019          Statement of Common Ground between Eastleigh Borough Council and Winchester City Council

ED31     22 July 2019         Statement of Common Ground on the Strategic Growth Options and Ancient Woodland (Eastleigh Borough Council, Natural England, Forestry Commission, Forestry England, Highwood  Group Limited and Galliford Try Partnership/Drew Smith Ltd)

ED32     July 2019              Eastleigh Borough Council’s schedule of proposed main  modifications to the Local Plan 

ED33     July 2019              Eastleigh Borough Council Local Plan with track changes showing initial proposed modifications 

ED34     July 2019              Eastleigh Borough Council schedule of additional modifications 

ED35     July 2019              Eastleigh Borough Council initial Local Plan inset map changes 

ED36A   July 2019             Policies Map changes Part 1  (PM1-PM15)

ED36B   July 2019             Policies Map changes Part 1  (PM16 and 17)       

ED36C   July 2019             Policies Map changes Part 1  (PM18 and key)

ED37      19 August 2019  Statement of Common Ground between Eastleigh Borough Council and Hampshire County Council as Local Education Authority

ED38       19 August 2019  Inspector’s Guidance Notes for the Examination