Emerging Local Plan 2016 - 2036

The Eastleigh Borough Local Plan consultation runs from midday on Monday 25 June until Monday 6 August.

* NB We recommend using the online form using the link above to submit your responses, it has been separated into themes to make it easier to navigate and separates each policy into easier sections to read. However, if you would prefer to respond via email or in writing you must include: name, address, postcode, age and policy number you are commenting on, whether you support or object and your reasons why. The planning inspector can only consider responses with all the correct information.

New and updated evidence base

Local Plan

Development Needs

Housing Needs

Employment Needs

Other needs

Overall supply of sites

Housing sites

Employment sites

Other sites

Selection and Delivery of Strategic Growth Option

Reports from developers planning consultants: 

Selection of other sites

Delivery and Infrastructure


Consultation and Communications

National and Regional Policy

Other documents

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