Land north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak - FAQ's

Your questions answered

The Council needs to plan positively to provide for the new homes and jobs that our communities need.

The Local Plan includes a proposal for a strategic growth option (SGO) to the north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak, to help meet these needs.  The SGO will create new communities with at least 5,300 new homes, jobs,  a district shopping centre, schools, health facilities and green open spaces.  The SGO will also provide a new link road to the M3 motorway, new public transport services and improved walking and cycling routes.  The SGO is being carefully assessed and designed to ensure that all the necessary measures are put in place to protect the environment, including ancient woodlands, the River Itchen and South Downs National Park.

The Council has been working with these organisations to understand their concerns, gather further evidence and strengthen Local Plan policies (see Question 9 below)  In October 2018 the Council submitted the Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate, along with over 130 evidence documents.  These can all be found here:

The main issues that have been raised regarding the SGO are set out below, alongside an explanation of what the Council has done to address them.

1. How will the ancient woodland be protected? 

2. How will the River Itchen be protected? 

3. How will the South Downs National Park be protected?

4. How will we deliver traffic benefits and the Link Road?

5. How will Allbrook Railway Bridge be improved?

6. Where will the link road connect to?

7. What will some of the community benefits include?

8. Why aren't we building on brownfield land?

9. Is the Council working with other organisations?