Planning permission

Advice, apply and pre application

Do I need planning permission? 

You can make some minor changes to your home without the need to make a planning application through permitted development rights. 

Read our planning advice to help determine if you need planning permission.

Pre-application advice 

We offer a pre-application advice service so you can get the views of a planning specialist before applying for planning permission, increasing your chances of a submitting a successful planning application. 

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Applying for planning permission 

Find out what you need to do to apply for planning permission. 

Decision making

Planning decisions can be delegated to Council officers or made by the relevant Local Area Committee (LAC). The scheme of delegation, contained within The Council’s constitution (Appendix C), set out the circumstances when planning applications must be determined by local area committees. 

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Post decision

You can access and download planning documents from our Planning Portal.

Order pre-2007 planning documents 

Planning obligations 

Planning obligations are legal obligations entered into to mitigate the impacts of a development proposal.

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Associated fees and charges

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Fees are only payable once they have been calculated.