Your Local Area

Find out about your Local Area Committee

The borough of Eastleigh is divided into five local areas:

Each area has it's own Local Area Committee (LAC), made up from elected ward Councillors. They take decisions and make representations on a wide range of council business relating to their area including:

  • determining planning applications
  • managing local budgets
  • managing capital projects
  • deciding on local priorities
  • promoting local participation from residents/businesses and Town/Parish councils
  • traffic management and environmental improvements

LAC meetings are open to the public that you are welcome to attend.  They are also attended by Councillors and a number of Council officers.

Each LAC has a Local Area Manager who works with the Councillors to set the strategic direction of the Committee’s work and who is present at the meeting.  A Democratic Services Officer will also be at the meeting and is available to assist and provide advice on public participation opportunities.

If you would like to speak on a particular item you will need to register before the meeting begins.  You can do this by either emailing or you can register at the meeting.