Your Local Area

Find out about your Local Area Committee

Download the LAC boundary map

Each area has it's own Local Area Committee (LAC), made up from elected ward Councillors. They take decisions and make representations on a wide range of council business relating to their area including:

  • determining planning applications
  • managing local budgets
  • managing capital projects
  • deciding on local priorities
  • promoting local participation from residents/businesses and Town/Parish councils
  • traffic management and environmental improvements

LAC meetings are open to the public that you are welcome to attend. They are also attended by Councillors and a number of Council officers.

Each LAC has a Local Area Manager who works with the Councillors to set the strategic direction of the Committee’s work and who is present at the meeting.  A Democratic Services Officer will also be at the meeting and is available to assist and provide advice on public participation opportunities.

If you would like to speak on a particular item you will need to register before the meeting begins. You can do this by either emailing or you can register at the meeting.