Old Bursledon

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The Bursledon Brickworks supplied many of the bricks used in this area, including those used by Mr W.C. Humphry in the mid-19th Century to add extravagant chimneys to the houses he owned in the village as part of the Greyladyes estate. Other distinctive historic brick buildings nearby include The Jolly Sailor, an 18th Century pub; The Fox & Hounds pub which dates back to the 16th Century and standing alongside it, The Lone Barn, built in Winchester in 1871 and relocated brick by brick to its current location in 1974.

Also on the plaque there is a Wood mouse. Sometimes known as the long-tailed field mouse, the Wood mouse is nocturnal and similar to the greyer House mouse but with larger eyes and ears relative to its size. Find out more about wood mice on the Woodland Trust website.

This is the eleventh marker post on the Hamble Peninsula Trails. From here it takes approximately 5 minutes to walk north along the Principal Trail to Bursledon Station or 3 minutes to cycle there. 

The trail south to Hamble Foreshore takes roughly 60 minutes to walk or 25 minutes to cycle. 

Travelling south and then west along the Principal Trail to Netley Abbey takes around 110 minutes to walk or 50 minutes to cycle. 

You can also use the supporting trails to find your own route either along the coast, or inland visiting Netley, Hamble and Bursledon railway stations, where you will find the Parish Posts designed by artist Madeleine Allison.

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Old Bursledon