Netley Military Cemetery

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Netley Military Cemetery houses around 3600 graves including patients from the Royal Victoria Military Hospital, as well as hospital staff and their families. The cemetery is managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

For more information about Netley Military Cemetery visit local amateur historian Julie Green’s website.

Visiting this area in late Spring is a great time to find the woodland carpeted with Bluebells. Often an indicator of ancient woodlands, Bluebells are associated with many folk tales of fairy magic, and are also excellent suppliers of nectar for bees, butterflies and hoverflies.

Read more about Bluebells on the Woodland Trust website.

This is the third marker post on the Hamble Peninsula Trails. From here it is a 35 minute walk or 15 minute cycle north west along the Principal Trail to Netley Abbey.  

In the opposite direction it takes approximately 30 minutes to walk south east along the Principal Trail to Hamble Foreshore, or 10 minutes to cycle there. 

The longer trail to Bursledon Station in the north east of the peninsula, takes an additional 75 minutes to walk or 30 minutes to cycle. 

You can also use the supporting trails to find your own route either along the coast, or inland visiting Netley, Hamble and Bursledon railway stations, where you will find the Parish Posts designed by artist Madeleine Allison.

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Netley Military Cemetery