Netley circular

The Netley circular with take approx 1 hour.

Netley Station to (N) - 3 mins

Exit Netley Station via platform 2 onto Oakhurst Way, turning left to join St Marys Road. At the triangle turn right and cross to the northern side of Hound Road. At the junction with Ingleside cross the road to mini marker N and head down the steps to enter The Bunney, turning left at the bottom.

(N) to (O) - 14 mins

Follow the path which turns into a track, through the woodland, passing the Southern Water tank and onwards until you come out at a T junction with a tarmac path. Turn right and proceed to where the third lamppost marks the end of a grass corridor between the fences and walls of back gardens. Proceed along the grass corridor coming out onto Woolston Road. Turn left then at the junction cross over Ingleside and turn right onto the footpath on the other side.

At the Grange Road crossroads turn left and continue along the road crossing over the railway.

Mini marker O can be found just south of the railway line inside the gate to Westwood Woodland Park.

(O) to (15) - 7 mins

At Mini Marker post O enter West Woodland Park and follow the main path which will veer left to Marker Post 15 Westwood Park.

(15) to (A) - 5 mins

Continue south west keeping to the left through the park until you come out at the gated entrance to Fountains Park. Turn Right and you will shortly reach a junction with Abbey Hill where you will find mini marker A on the left.

(A) to (1) - 4 mins

Turn left and, with Netley Abbey on your lefthand side, walk along Abbey Hill / Victoria Road.

When you reach the Grange Road junction Marker Post 1 Netley Abbey can be found next to the small car park.

(1) to (B) - 11 mins

Continue along Victoria Road, passing views across Southampton Water to Fawley Power Station. Follow the road through Netley, passing the Prince Consort public house, various cafes and small businesses, and the boatyard.

Mini marker B can be found at the entrance to Royal Victoria Country Park.

(B) to (2) - 6 mins

Enter Royal Victoria Country Park and take the path on the left. Continue along the road, or across the grass at the edge of the cricket field, until you meet the gravel path. Follow this until you find Marker Post 2 Royal Victoria Country Park.

(2) to Netley Station - 12 mins

At this point take the supporting trail north through the park passing the café and miniature railway and you will come out onto Hound Road. Join the footway on the left, just before the junction with The Sidings. Follow this footpath alongside the railway line until you find yourself back at Netley Railway Station where you will find the Hound Parish Post.