Mallards Moor

Marker post location

The Strawberry Trail walking route is approximately 15 miles long, connecting Netley and Botley across this area of Hamble and Bursledon, known in the late 19th Century as the Strawberry Coast. During the boom starting in the 1860s, trains known as ‘strawberry specials’ would transport strawberries from Hampshire to London’s Covent Garden. Read more about the Strawberry Coast on the BBC website and explore the Strawberry Trail on the Long Distance Walkers Association website.

Also on the plaque there is a male Roe deer, identifiable by its short antlers. Roe deer are native to the British Isles and particularly common around woodland areas but are increasingly coming into urban areas to feed. Find out more about Roe Deer on the British Deer Society website.

This is the tenth marker post on the Hamble Peninsula Trails. From here it takes approximately 25 minutes to walk north along the Principal Trail to Bursledon Station or 10 minutes to cycle there. 

The trail south east along the Principal Trail to Hamble Foreshore takes roughly 40 minutes to walk or 20 minutes to cycle. 

Travelling south and then west along the Principal Trail to Netley Abbey takes around 90 minutes to walk or 45 minutes to cycle. 

You can also use the supporting trails to find your own route either along the coast, or inland visiting Netley, Hamble and Bursledon railway stations, where you will find the Parish Posts designed by artist Madeleine Allison.

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Mallards Moor