Hamble circular

The Hamble Circular will take approx 1 hour 40 mins (shorter walk) or 2 hours (longer walk).

Hamble Station to (M) - 2 mins

Exit Hamble Station via platform 1, where you will find the Hamble Parish Post. Turn right and follow the Hamble Rail Trail (supporting trail) along the railway line until you reach mini marker M.

(M) to (D) shorter walk - 12 mins

At Mini Marker M, take the supporting trail south, crossing the private road and walk along the board walk and past the commonwealth was graves cemetery on your left. Here you will see graves from both the first and second world wars. Continue along the path which slowly curves to the right. At the end of the path you will find Marker Post 3 RVCP Military Cemetery, here turn right and continue along the footpath into RVCP until you find mini marker D on the left hand side of the path.

(M) to (D) longer walk - 21 mins

At mini marker M, continue along the Hamble Rail Trail footpath which will turn sharply to the left after about 500m. You will shortly arrive at a crossroads, with the Hampshire Constabulary training headquarters to the left and the Rail Trail ahead of you. Turn right and at the junction of Hound Road turn left and pass the gate into Royal Victoria Country Park. After 250m you will emerge at a junction with three roads, take the middle path and after 150m take the left turn towards the Hospital Chapel. Passing the Chapel on your right at the end of the path you will find mini marker D.

(D) to (C) - 1 min

Turn right and at when the path joins The Stables you will find mini marker C.

(C) to (E) - 12 mins

Turn left and follow the footpath through the woodland. You will emerge opposite Westfield Common with a lovely view of the water to your right. Go straight ahead through the woodland and just after the bend turn right and take a small footpath onto the waterfront. Turning left walk along the beach you will reach mini marker E.

(E) to (8) - 25 mins

Continue along the waterfront until you reach Hamble Point. Marker Post 8 Hamble Point can be found close to the access of the Hamble Common Beach car park.

(8) to (F) - 7 mins

Cross the road from the car park and join the footway that runs parallel to School Lane. The footpath emerges at a small car park where you will find mini marker F.

(F) to (7) - 12 mins

At this point turn right and follow the footpath through Hamble Common. Turn Right onto Green Lane and walk down to Hamble Foreshore where you will find yourself on the waterfront opposite the lifeboat launch and the Beach Hut Café. A short walk to the right will take you to Marker Post 7 River Hamble Foreshore.

(7) to (6) - 12 mins

Turn back and retrace your steps along the Foreshore, continuing along The Quay, where you will have a wonderful view of the waterfront and moorings.

The River Hamble will be on your right, to enjoy the view walk through the car park and take a minute to enjoy the Nautical Seating designed by Tim Norris, you will mostly likely see one of the distinctive Hamble to Warsash pink ferries, they’re hard to miss!

When you are ready to keep going, follow the road left up the narrow and twisty High Street, passing a range of shops, pubs and cafes, which leads to The Square. Here you will pass the Royal Mail golden post box in honour of famous local Dani Rowe (was King), Olympic gold medallist for cycling in the women’s team pursuit at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Follow the Principal Trail to the right and walk along Satchell Lane. Approximately 50m past the junction with Crowsport private estate cross the road and join the footpath leading to the Roy Underdown Pavilion sports pitches where you will find Marker Post 6 Hamble Airfield.

(6) to (G) - 5 mins

Turn Left and walk alongside the sports pitches towards the Pavilion and exit via the main car park entrance. You will find mini marker G at the entrance to the Hamble Rail Trail.

(G) to (5) - 8 mins

Walk along the Hamble Rail Trail heading North West and emerge onto Hamble Lane where you will find Marker Post 5 Hamble Rail Trail.

(5) to (M) - 10 mins

Take care when crossing Hamble Lane, and continue along the Hamble Rail Trail until you reach mini marker M.

(M) to Hamble Station - 2 mins

Turn Right and you will find yourself back at Hamble Station within a short walk.