Investigating noise complaints

We can investigate and act to deal with some noise issues. The noise must be significant, disturb you in your home or interfere with everyday life; it needs to continue for a long time or happen regularly.

Before you report a noise issue, try talking to the person responsible. Problems can often be quickly resolved this way. They may not be aware that they’re causing a problem, and most will be glad to do what they can to reduce the noise rather than involving the Council.

We can investigate many types of noise

Typically, we can’t investigate:

  • if you don’t know where the noise is coming from
  • everyday household noise, such as footsteps, doors closing, vacuuming, washing machines, children playing, babies crying or talking
  • traffic, aircraft or railway noise
  • noise from outdoors sports
  • noise from fireworks 
  • noise in the street, such as vehicles left running, car stereos, shouting or car horns
  • emergency road works.

Things you need to know

  • We need you to tell us the address of where the noise is coming from.
  • We need your contact details; to keep you up to date - we do not respond to anonymous complaints.
  • We will protect your identity from the person making the noise but, if the case goes to court, we may need you to give evidence.
  • As part of any investigation, we may need to share your details with others, for example the Police or the landlord if your home is rented.
  • We need you to work with us during the investigation.