Practicing musical instruments

Playing musical instruments can cause a nuisance to your neighbours depending on how often they are played, when they are played, and how loud they are.

Prevent music practice causing a noise nuisance

We recommend that you:

  • limit practice to a maximum of 45 minutes a day
  • do not practice between the hours of 8pm and 8am on weekdays
  • do not practice between 8pm and 10am on weekends or public holidays
  • keep windows and doors closed
  • do not practice or play in rooms next to your neighbour’s property
  • do not use amplifiers
  • use headphones if possible
  • use practice pads for drumming
  • use sound-proofed practice rooms if possible

It is also worthwhile speaking to your neighbours to ask them if they can hear your music or if it causes them annoyance and agreeing to suitable times to practice.