What happens next?

You will need to log in or register at MyEastleigh and submit the details of your complaint. 

We will contact you to discuss the issues you have and will let you know if we can help.  In most cases, after your first contact, we will ask you to keep a diary of the noise events, either using an app or as a written record.

We will contact the person you have said is making the noise. This is to let them know a complaint has been made and to try resolving the problem through advice, information and discussion.

We investigate to see if the noise you are experiencing is a nuisance. This is a legal term used to describe the noise and how it affects you. We will look at:

  • the time of day the noise happens
  • how long the noise goes on for each time it happens
  • how often the noise happens
  • what type of noise it is and what causes it
  • how loud the noise is
  • where the noise is occurring
  • the ability for the sound to be controlled
  • how the noise affects you.

Noise caused by every day activity such as flushing toilets, children playing, washing machines, lawnmowers and doors closing is unlikely to be a noise nuisance. Unless happening at unreasonable times of the day, e.g., disturbing sleep at night.

We don’t need to measure the level of noise or take readings to decide if the noise can be dealt with; we will use our experience and the information gathered during the investigation. Where there is a nuisance, a noise abatement notice can be served to stop, reduce or restrict the noise. If the noise then continues, we will gather evidence to consider taking a prosecution.

If your complaint goes on to a formal investigation stage, it may be registered against your property and this would be disclosed when you come to sell it.

If the noise you are experiencing leads you to believe that you or someone else may be in danger, please call the Police immediately on 999.