FOI frequently requested information

We regularly get requests for the same or similar information, therefore, we have decided to publish this information and update it at regular intervals.

A request for updated information in advance of when the next update is due will normally be refused under Section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on the grounds that it is information that we hold with the intention of publishing at a specific date.

We often get requests for information about the Council and our Borough Councillors. Various information is available on our Publication Scheme including the topics listed below plus much more information about who we are and what we do.

  • Our constitution
  • Democratic structure
  • Councillor information (including member allowances)
  • Minutes and agendas of meetings

Council Tax empty and discount totals

Latest data (information correct as of 1 April 2024 and will be updated in three months)

Public health funerals - records

We are frequently asked for information about public health funerals, people who have died with no known next of kin, bona vacantia estates and estates which have been referred to the Treasury Solicitor, or Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall. Updates will be published every six months.

  • public health funerals - post 1 April 2016 (as at April 2024)
  • public health funerals - pre 1 April 2016


The Department for Transport guidance issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004 requires councils to produce an Annual Report on their parking enforcement activities.


Homelessness statistics and FAQs (2010 – 2019) - information correct as of June 2020 and will be updated annually.


We often receive requests about our housing strategy, housing options, and new developments.

Please find links below to this information:

Borough demographics

We often get asked for information on the Borough's population, size and boundaries.

Usage of bailiffs and parking enforcement services

  • Council Tax and NDR (information correct as of January 2024 and will be updated every six months)