Additional bins

Request an additional bin

Your wheeled bins are allocated on the number of residents permanently living in a property.

Your waste bins must be identified with the property number to ensure only authorised bins are collected. Unauthorised bins, or properties with excessive numbers of bins will be recorded by our waste collection crews and reported to our Direct Services Unit.

Residents will be contacted and advised of our policy, provided with advice on how to minimise waste and maximise recycling. In cases of excessive capacity, bins will not be emptied and may be removed.

Waste container provision for household residual waste:

  • One to two people in household  - 1 x 140 litre black wheeled bin
  • Three to five people in household – 1 x 180 litre black wheeled bin
  • Six or more people in household – An assessment will be made by our team as to whether additional capacity is required
  • Flats (per six flats) – 1,100 black wheeled bin

Based on the criteria above, you will have enough space within each of your bins for your fortnightly collection. Additional household waste (black) bins are not available unless an application is made for additional capacity.

The delivery time for an additional bin is up to 20 days.

Find out what to do if your existing bin is damaged or lost