Your glass and battery collection

Your glass bottles and jars and household batteries are collected fortnightly

Glass is collected every fortnight on the same day as your green recycling bin.

In your black mixed glass box you can recycle all your glass bottles and jars such as sauce, jam and pickle jars and glass drink bottles. Please ensure they are empty and relatively clean for collection.

Please do not:

  • overfill your glass box (we do not collect glass side waste)
  • use alternative boxes
  • place broken glass in the box
  • put in other items other than those listed above (this include non-glass lids)

These factors can make it unsafe for our collection crews and may result in us not being able to collect it.

Household batteries

All your household batteries (e.g. AA) can be placed in a clear bag (a clear sandwich bag is perfect) and left on top of your glass to be recycled. Please be careful to store your batteries safely in a cool, dry place.

Please note that the delivery time for a battery and glass recycling box is up to 20 days.