Noise Nuisance

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Noise Nuisance

What is a noise nuisance?

A statutory nuisance is an unreasonable interference with normal life which would materially affect the comfort and/or quality of life of "the average person".  When determining whether a noise nuisance exists we will take into account factors such as the loudness of the noise, how long it goes on for, how often you are affected by it, the time of day or night, as well as the type of noise.  The law expects that everyone will experience some inconvenience, from time to time, caused by neighbours and such occasional inconveniences are unlikely to constitute a statutory nuisance.

The types of noise that we can deal with includes:-

  • Music and domestic noise
  • Noise from misfiring intruder alarms
  • Noise from commercial machinery and commercial activities
  • Entertainment noise
  • Noise from construction operations and demolition

Noise complaints are investigated in a number of ways depending upon the particular circumstances. Usually it is in one or more of the following ways: visits to you and/or the source of the noise, log sheets issued to the complainant, or monitoring of the noise by means of specialist equipment.  Where complaints are found to be justified then the Council will take appropriate action against the offender, this can range from: informal discussions, through advice letters and legal notices, to in some cases court action and confiscation of equipment.

Aircraft Noise and Pollution

Noise from aircraft is not covered by legislation that we enforce. It is the overall responsibility of the Civil Aviation Authority.  However, at Eastleigh we have a set of standards which have been agreed with the aircraft authorities (The Flying Controls Agreement).

This covers a variety of airport activities including hours of operation, routing of aircraft runway etc. 



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