Eastleigh’s new electric cars

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Page last updated at 28 April 2016 at 13:33

Cars go electric

The Co-wheels Car Club has two new additions to its fleet: a pair of Renault Zoe Electric Vehicles replacing two diesel Ford Fiestas. 

The scheme has been funded through a Department for Transport grant, following a successful bid by Eastleigh Borough Council.

The council is committed to investing in cleaner, greener technologies to improve the environment for everyone: electric cars work in exactly the same way as any other automatic car – but they don’t produce any exhaust fumes.

The new cars are part of the existing Co-wheels Car Club in Eastleigh and will be used by Eastleigh Borough Council staff, but are also available to local businesses and residents, who can join the club and enjoy the benefit of driving an electric car, without the hassle and cost of owning one.

Co-wheels Eastleigh provides an easy and convenient way of hiring a car at low cost: the vehicles cars can be booked for as little as 15 minutes; drivers only pay for the time they use, and there is no mileage charge. 

Drivers who don’t need a car every day, or who drive less than 4,000 miles a year, can save money using Co-wheels. There are no worries about car insurance, tax, servicing or maintenance, which is all taken care of by Co-wheels.  And it is quick and easy to book online or over the phone.

The cars are located next to Eastleigh Bus Station where they have their own dedicated charging points. Two further, public chargers are available in the town centre – at the Mitchell Road multi-storey car park - where they are free to users (although  parking charges apply).

Councillor David Airey, Eastleigh Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Street Scene said: “Going electric is the future - and it is amazing to see how technology has advanced to the point where electric cars are now a reality, with Eastleigh Car Club bringing pollution-free travel to its users.”

For more information about the Eastleigh Car Club or to sign up to Co-wheels visit or call 0191 375 1050.