Council action

Against owners of town centre business

Page last updated at 02 September 2015 at 16:51

Council action

The Council has taken action against Salum Properties Ltd who own a property at 8c Wells Place, Eastleigh for reasons of public safety.

Scaffolding has been erected outside the property in Wells Place for approximately 18 months. The Council’s Building Control team carried out a survey of the town centre property and believe the building to be dangerous.

The Council has pursued a Dangerous Buildings Order to ensure that the building is made safe.

Chair of Eastleigh Local Area Committee Paul Bicknell said “ The Council is pleased that the Dangerous Buildings Order has been granted for 8c Wells Place Eastleigh. Salum Properties Ltd have advised the Council that works to make the building structurally safe have commenced. Under the terms of the order the works must be completed within 12 weeks."

He added “”The Council takes the issue of public safety extremely seriously and has used its statutory powers under the Building Act 1984 to make the building safe. This follows considerable attempts over a period of time by the Council to engage with the owners and to work with them to make the building safe.”