Botley neighbourhood plan


Eastleigh Borough Council has appointed Andrew Ashcroft to independently examine the submitted Botley Neighbourhood Plan along with its supporting evidence and documentation. This appointment has been agreed in liaison with Botley Parish Council. The examiner will also take account of the representations received to the submission consultation.

Once the examination is complete, the Council will publish a the examiner’s report which will assess whether or not the plan meets the basic conditions and other statutory requirements. The examiner will also recommend whether the Plan should proceed to a public referendum stage.

Examination Timeline

10 January

The examiner has paused the examination.  This reflects the various representations made about the Habitats Regulation Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal of the Plan and the site selection process.  

Further information on the way in which the Parish Council addresses these concerns will be provided in due course. Further consultation will take place on any revisions which the Parish Council may wish to make to the Plan. 

7 November

The examiner has written to the Council to request that a note on the arrangements for the examination is published.

Arrangements for the examination of the Botley Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 16 Submission Consultation

Consultation on the submitted Botley Neighbourhood Plan along with its supporting evidence and documentation took place between Thursday 31 August and Thursday 26 October 2023 in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. Representations received in response to the consultation have been sent to the examiner.

These can also be viewed below:
Representations received during the consultation on the Regulation 16 submission consultation on the Botley Neighbourhood Plan

The submitted Botley Neighbourhood Plan, associated submission documents and supporting documents are available to view below.

Submission documents

Botley Neighbourhood Plan Submission Draft (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Errata List (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Designation Map (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Equality Impact Assessment (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Habitat Regulations Assessment (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment & Sustainability Appraisal (pdf)
Botley Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Statement (pdf)
Botley Draft Neighbourhood Plan SEA/HRA Screening Report

Supporting Documents

Appendix One – Botley Listed Buildings (pdf)
Appendix Two – Botley Demographic Data (pdf)
Appendix Three – Botley Community Aspirations (pdf)
Appendix Four – Botley Housing Needs Assessment (pdf)
Appendix Five (a) – Botley Site Assessment (Excel)
Appendix Five (b) – Botley Site Assessment (pdf)
Appendix Six – Botley Design Guide (pdf)
Consultation Statement Appendix 2 Regulation 14 Summary


Eastleigh Borough Council approved the designation of the Botley Neighbourhood Area at a meeting of Cabinet on 30 November 2015. The designation of a Neighbourhood Area enables a Neighbourhood Plan to be prepared for the designated area.

Following the designation of the Botley Neighbourhood Area, Botley Parish Council consulted on the draft Botley Neighbourhood Plan, its supporting evidence and documentation between 24 October and 12 December 2022. Please see the Botley Parish Council website for further details.