Adopted Local Plan


The Council adopted the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan (2016-2036) on 25 April 2022. This plan replaces the Adopted Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2001-2011.

Before the adoption of the new Local Plan, the Council applied ‘saved’ policies from the Local Plan 2001-2011. These included the majority of the policies in the Local Plan. They were supplemented by more detailed guidance in adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance (prepared under the old planning system) and Supplementary Planning Documents (prepared under the new planning system).

The full schedule of saved policies and the full text of the Local Plan 2001-2011 is available below. Please note that these policies do not carry any weight and are for information only.


The proposals maps of the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan Review (2001-2011) are shown below:

For advice and information regarding the adopted Local Plan, please contact:

  • Strategic Planning, Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh SO50 9YN
  • Email: