How does Eastleigh Borough Council approach Planning Obligations?

The levels and types of contributions required

The Eastleigh Borough Local Plan Review sets out the role of Planning Obligations and developer’s contributions in providing resources to achieve the objectives of the Local Plan and to meet, as far as possible, the infrastructure costs arising from development and the needs of the growing community.

We have adopted a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and associated Background Paper on Planning Obligations which provides additional guidance on the legal and policy basis for the negotiating of planning obligations, and enables  awareness of Planning Obligations and give transparency to the process of negotiations:

This allows developers and others to estimate the level of contributions to be sought for any development. However, we still advise that developers seek pre-application advice on Planning Obligations and officers will provide information on the relevant infrastructure projects on which financial contributions will be spent or which are necessary to be provided on the development site.

To ensure the contributions maintain their spending capacity, all contributions to Eastleigh Borough Council projects are subject to indexation to the Retail Price Index (excluding mortgages), whilst Hampshire County Council use PUBSEC indexation.