How are Planning Obligations monitored?

How Planning Obligations are monitored at Eastleigh Borough Council

At Eastleigh Borough Council, our dedicated team assist with the negotiation of Planning Obligations and also monitor agreements to ensure compliance is maintained by all parties with any obligations, covenants, restrictions and stipulations within any agreement.

Planning Obligations secured by way of a Section 106 agreement or Unilateral Undertaking are binding on the land and are enforceable against all successors in title. The land charge will remain active until all of the Planning Obligations have been satisfied or the planning permission for which the Section 106 agreement or Unilateral Undertaking relates to has expired.

Financial Planning Obligations are usually allocated to specific local schemes which have been identified by our Local Area Committees with the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan or by Hampshire County Council, or which are identified in the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan.

All financial contributions are monitored closely to ensure their spending is wholly in accordance with the terms set out within the agreement and that allocations of contributions are appropriate and in accordance with the tests set out in CIL Regulations.