Frequently Asked Questions

Page last updated at 26 August 2016 at 12:50

Frequently Asked Questions –  Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licences 


I want to drive a taxi, do I need a licence?


Yes, you will need a Hackney Carriage drivers licence issued by the Council. You will need to complete the necessary forms see section covered by Hackney Carriage drivers licence



I am licensed with another Council.  Do I need another licence in Eastleigh?





Is there an age restriction?


You must be over 19 years old and have held a full current driving licence for 2 years. There is no upper age limit.



How often am I required to have a medical examination?


Between the ages of 19 and 65 you will be required to have a medical every 5 years. From the ages of 65 this becomes an annual requirement.



I would like to run my own Private Hire Vehicle business, do I need a licence?


Yes.  You will need an Operators Licence.  You will need to complete the forms. If you also wish to run your own vehicles and act as a driver you will also need a Private Hire Vehicle Licence and Drivers Licence.



I would like to drive my own car for an Operator in your area, what do I need?


You will need to have your vehicle made a Private Hire Vehicle, have the vehicle examined by the Council Depot as to its suitability. You yourself must be a licensed Private Hire Driver to drive it.



Do I need an Operator’s Licence to run a Hackney Carriage (Taxi)?


No. You only need an Operators licence for operating Private Hire vehicles, but you will need a Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence to operator a vehicle.



What do I need to do to obtain a Hackney Carriage (taxi) licence?


See section covering Hackney Carriage vehicles.



Can I transfer my licence to a newer vehicle?


Yes. There is a transfer fee. The vehicle must be less than 7 years old when first presented, and as long as the depot accepts the vehicle it can be used.



How often is my vehicle required to have a mechanical test?


Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles are tested when the vehicle is first presented to be licensed (compliance test).  Hackney Carriages are then tested yearly thereafter.

Private Hire Vehicles must have an annual inspection and a MOT test on reaching 3 years old and then yearly thereafter. 

Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles reaching 6 years old must be tested every 6 months thereafter.



What are the fees?


See separate list.