Private hire vehicle licences

Information on applying for a private hire vehicle licence

Private hire vehicles may only be pre-booked, and may not be hailed in the street or stand or ply for hire in any circumstances. Their fares are not regulated by the borough council, and must be the subject of agreement between passenger and driver before a journey commences.

They may only be driven by the holder of a private hire driver's licence issued by the borough council, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is hired or available for hire.

The forms for a new vehicle licence, change of vehicle on an existing licence, transfer of licence and for notification of the change of address of an existing licence holder, together with the policy and conditions for such licences can be found below. You are strongly advised to seek the advice of the licensing team before purchasing any vehicle to be licensed for private hire. Please note that as a matter of law, licences are granted for a period of up to 12 months.

The vehicle also has a white and green licence plate on the rear, the details of which are reproduced on a window plate in the windscreen. A VIP plate holder must be securely affixed to the rear of the vehicle. The licence plate then security tagged to the holder.  No Eastleigh licensed private hire vehicle may have a roof sign of any description. An Eastleigh licensed private hire vehicle may never be driven by anyone who does not hold an Eastleigh private hire driver's licence, whether or not the vehicle is being used for a licensable activity. The private hire plate may only be removed from the vehicle by an authorised officer.

From 01 January 2022, the licence conditions require all private hire vehicles to be clearly marked with an adhesive sign indicating the trading name and telephone number for the private hire operator the vehicle works under. Magnetic signs are not acceptable. These signs are to be placed usually on the front doors of the vehicle. 

From 01 January 2022, all private hire vehicles shall display two “Borough Identity Stickers” of the prescribed type. These are supplied with the licence and are to be displayed on the rear passenger doors. These sign are chargeable for all new vehicles at £8.00 each.  

 Each person to be named on the vehicle licence shall supply with the application a minimum of a standard DBS check less than 6 months old at the time of application. 

No diesel vehicle with an emissions standard of level 5 (euro 5) or lower shall be granted a licence other than by way of licence renewal. 

All new vehicles to be licensed need to be presented to the workshop at Hedge End Depot to undergo a mechanical inspection check. To book an appointment please visit their webpage. A fee for this service is payable to the workshop.

To submit a fully completed application form, please email the application form and the following documents to

  • V5C - Vehicle registration document or bill of sale (V5C to be produced when in possession)
  • Current vehicle insurance certificate showing cover for "public hire and reward" with named driver on the certificate
  • Current vehicle mechanical inspection form completed by the workshop at Hedge End Depot
  • The licence fee is £180.00 (payable by debit/credit card only which will be taken over the phone)


    General Data Protection
  • Please note that the licensing authority may be required by law to disclose to the appropriate authorities, from time to time, further information relating to applications and licences for the purposes of law enforcement and the prevention of fraud.

Application to transfer a private hire vehicle licence.

For any transfer of a private hire vehicle licence, please make an appointment to complete the form. All parties must attend and sign the form in front of an officer. Photo I.D will be required. Please note that for any person named on the new licence, a DBS disclosure is required, at least a basic disclosure and less than 6 months old. 

Licensing Team

Members of the licensing team are normally available at Eastleigh House on Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week between 09:00 and 14:00.  To submit any applications an appointment must be made before attending the office.