Private hire operator's licence

Information on applying for a private hire operator's licence

Before a private hire operator's licence is granted or renewed the applicant must: 

  • Complete and submit an application signed by the proprietor and signed and completed by the applicant with the application fee of £365 (payable by debit/credit card only). 
  •  Satisfy us that they are fit and proper person to be the holder of such licence
  •  Produce for examination a current certificate of vehicle insurance for hire and reward
  •  Produce the following

(a)   Current driving licence (if new type, plastic card and paper counterpart required)       

(b)   Photographic proof of identity for example: Passport, armed forces identity card, photocard driving licence or some other official form; and

(c)   Proof of current address: for example Utility bill showing current address, council tax bill, rent book, tenancy agreement, bank statement, inland revenue letter, or some other form of official documentation. This list is not exhaustive.

  •  For New Applicants you will need to produce an EU passport.  If this cannot be produced you will need to produce a birth certificate or proof that you can work in the UK 
  •  Produce current insurance for vehicles to be operated
  •  Produce copies of other supporting documentation e.g. planning permission, articles of association etc
  •  An appointment must be made for the submission of an application.  Please telephone: 023 8068 8109.

Also see page 44 of the Private hire operator licence conditions (Pdf Handbook).

Application form for a private hire operator's licence

NOTE: Applicants should allow at least 2 - 4 weeks for us to process your application.

Operator Notification form

As a private hire operator you will be responsible for adding and removing vehicles attached to your licence. You can download the Operator Notification form here.

Licensing Team

Members of the licensing team are normally available at Hedge End Depot on weekdays from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00. To submit any applications an appointment must be made before attending the office.