Hackney carriage licences

Information on hackney carriage licences

Hackney carriages, often referred to as taxis, may be hired as follows:

  • hailed in the street
  • from a taxi rank
  • by pre-booking

The maximum fares for journeys within the borough are regulated by the borough council. They can only ever be driven by the holder of a hackney carriage driver's licence from the Eastleigh Borough council, whether or not the vehicles are available for hire.

The licence conditions require that hackney carriages have either an integral "taxi" roof sign (purpose built vehicles) or an approved  "taxi" roof sign. The Sign must be illuminated when plying for hire and unlit when hired. The vehicle also has an orange licence plate on the rear of the vehicle, the details of which are reproduced on a sticker in the windscreen.

Before a Hackney Carriage vehicle licence is granted, renewed, or transferred, an application must be completed and submitted to us

You will need to produce the following for examination at the time of application :

  • Vehicle registration document or bill of sale (Log book to be produced when in possession)
  • Current vehicle insurance certificate that shows cover for "public hire and reward" with named driver on the certificate
  • Current vehicle inspection certificate (any VOSA registered garage within our Borough)
  • Current vehicle MOT test certificate (if the vehicle is over three years old) or
  • If it is a newly presented vehicle (less that seven years old) it will need to be taken to our Hedge End Depot and obtain a Certificate of Compliance test.
  • Pay the appropriate fee

NOTE: Applicants should allow at least 10 - 14 working days for the Council to process an application. 

Licensing Team

Members of the licensing team are normally available at Hedge End Depot on weekdays from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00. To submit any applications an appointment must be made before attending the office.