A green, healthy and prosperous Borough

Our strategic objectives

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve for our communities over the next decade. Our Corporate Plan outlines our key strategic objectives:

A Green Borough – safeguarding our environment for future generations

  • Tackling congestion
  • Developing green infrastructure
  • Excellent environment for all
  • Minimising waste and managing resources

A Healthy Community – active and lively with a spirit of togetherness and wellbeing

  • Enabling healthier lifestyles
  • Tackling deprivation

A Prosperous Place – where business can flourish and everyone is able to share in prosperity

  • Increased provision and more diverse mix of housing
  • Ensuring appropriate infrastructure, including employment land
  • Enabling the right skills and employment mix
  • Reinvigorating town and local centres

Housing - helping to deliver more of the right homes