Advice on dealing with noise issues

A statutory noise nuisance is an unreasonable interference, or disturbance that can unreasonably impact on the enjoyment of your property.

We can help or advise you about:

  • Music and domestic noise
  • Property or car alarms sounding for long periods
  • Commercial machinery and commercial activity noise
  • Entertainment noise
  • Construction operations and demolition noise
  • Vibration
  • Animal noise (e.g. barking dogs / cockerels)

We have limited legal powers to deal with noise from traffic or trains.

Aircraft noise
We have a set of standards which have been agreed with the aircraft authorities (The Flying Controls Agreement) which covers a variety of airport activities including hours of operation, routing of aircraft runway etc. For further information please visit Southampton Airport website.

What should you do if you're affected by a noise nuisance? 

      1. Firstly you can try and speak to the person causing the nuisance – the majority of complaints can be resolved informally. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to your neighbour in person about the problem, you could start by writing them a friendly letter to explain how the nuisance is affecting you.
      2. If you know that the person who is creating the nuisance has a social landlord, you can make contact with the landlord and ask them to intervene. 
      3. Keep records of when and how long the nuisance occurs and, if you can not find resolution, contact us for advice.