Chandler's Ford Education

Chandler's Ford Education

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Chandler's Ford Schools

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There are two highly regarded secondary schools in Chandler's Ford.  The rapidly improving Toynbee School is located in Bodycoats Road close to junction with Oakmount Road whilst the highly rated Thornden School is located at the top end of Winchester Road.

There are 6 primary schools in the area - Chandler's Ford Infant School is located in Kings Road whilst Fryern Junior and Fryern Infants are located on the same site in Oakmount Road adjacent to Fryern Recreation Ground.  Hiltingbury Junior and Hiltingbury Infant Schools are similarly located adjacent to Hiltingbury Recreation Ground off Hiltingbury Road.  Merdon Junior School is located behind the Fryern Arcade with access from both Merdon Avenue and Brownhill Road.  St Swithun Wells is a Catholic Primary School located in Hillcrest Avenue and Scantabout Primary School is located in Ionic Close.

In addition to these state schools there are two independent schools in Chandlers Ford.  Sherborne House School is located in Lakewood Road and Woodhill School is located in Brownnhill Road

You can also access the Schools Search website for a wealth of information about Secondary Schools and Primary Schools in Chandler's Ford , including access to Ofsted reports.

Did you know?

The first school teacher in Chandler's Ford was Isabell Laidlaw and she has a road named after her off Hursley Road