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  • Air quality

    and reducing your impact on air quality. If you’re sat in traffic, turn off your engine – it really does....   Air Quality Action Plan 2020 – 2025 An Air Quality Action Plan details what the Council will do to reduce pollutant levels below the levels set out in the UK National Air Quality Standards. It builds

  • Air quality monitoring

    The Council has a responsibility to review and assess air quality across the Borough. We have long history of monitoring and delivering initiatives to tackle air quality issues.  View our latest Quality Annual Status Report Air Quality Management Areas We have a statutory duty under the Environment

  • Pollution

    We can support with a range of pollution issues in the Borough including air quality, water pollution (beach oils and spills), private water supplies, contaminated land and hazardous substances.

  • 2019 responses

    Air Quality Climate Change Coastal Erosion Environmental Performance & Planning

  • Natural and historic environment (ENV)

    ) ENV006b Southern Damselfly mitigation strategy (April 2018) ENV007 Ecology Air Quality (June 2018) ENV008a Air Quality Impact Assessment - main report and appendices 1 & 2 (October 2018) ENV008b Air... (Update doc 5)ENV013 Human Air Quality (Update doc 16) (June 2019)

  • Question 4

    homes to be delivered whilst doing the most to minimise additional traffic congestion. An air quality assessment illustrates that the extra traffic will not cause air quality standards to be breached

  • Schools awards scheme promotes clean air

    ’s impressive new bike shelter.   Schools that demonstrate their commitment to improving air quality... on experience of air quality science. School heads and pupils across the Borough will be learning more...A new award scheme for schools in Eastleigh Borough, that aims to reduce air pollution

  • EIR frequently requested information and useful links

    1993 The Council has not established any areas. Air Quality advice Advice on air quality, water... on national air quality   Drainage information All drainage associated with the public highway

  • 2023 responses

    Allotments Adult social care Air quality Barbequing in public parks Bed bugs Bin collection rates Biodiversity net gain Carbon emissions Carbon savings Celebrities turning on Christmas lights Complaints Compulsory purchase orders Coronation budget and spend Cost of school meals Council use

  • Strategic growth options

    : Heritage Appendix 3a: Noise Assessment Appendix 3b: Air Quality Assessment Appendix 4: Service

  • Feasibility of strategic growth options

    : Heritage Appendix 3a: Noise Assessment Appendix 3b: Air Quality Assessment Appendix 4: Service

  • Question 2

    it. The Local Plan’s evidence includes a habitats assessment, and supporting studies on hydrology, air quality, the southern damselfly, and the replacement bridge across the Itchen navigation.  The habitats

  • Sustainable travel

    but also improve air quality in our local area and our health. Use public transport Eastleigh... Did you know that car drivers are exposed to twice as much air pollution as pedestrians and nine..., emissions from air travel are growing, as passenger numbers are set to nearly double by 2036. When

  • Keep your home free of damp and mould

    moisture in the air, even if you cannot see it. If the air gets colder, it cannot hold all the moisture... of air. Look for it on external walls, in corners, on or near windows, in or behind wardrobes....  After treatment, redecorate using a good quality fungicidal paint to help prevent mould recurring

  • 'Air quality' telephone scam

  • Air quality plan gets national approval

  • Business breakfast covers air quality and healthy eating

    Presentations from the event are now available to view

  • Southampton Airport planning update

    There is a further consultation period until 15 November

  • Highlights from Eastleigh Business breakfast

    The Economic Development team hosted a Business Breakfast for over 50 businesses.

  • Eastleigh Business Breakfast

    Thursday 7 November - East Horton Golf Club