Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2011-2036

Eastleigh Borough Local Plan

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Ppi Local Plan 2011 2036

The Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2011-2036 is currently being developed and will form part of the Development Plan when adopted, replacing the saved policies of the 2001-2011 Local Plan.    

Latest News and Way Forward

The responses to the Issues & Options consultation were considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 16 June 2016. Following on from this, on 21 July 2016 a report was presented to Council on the way forward with the Local Plan. The report to Cabinet of 15 December summarises progress on the strategic growth options for Eastleigh Borough.

A copy of relevant reports and updates is available below:

19/06/17: Eastleigh Borough Local Plan Update

15/06/17: Cabinet Repot- Countryside Gaps (appendicies 1 & 2)

06/04/17: Cabinet Report- Local Plan Progress

15/12/16: Cabinet Repot- Update and Response to Consultation

01/12/16: Consultation with Infrastructure Providers

21/07/16: Cabinet Report- Local Plan Way Forward

16/06/16: Cabinet Report- Issues and Options Consultation

Local Plan Timetable

Please use the link below to see the council's timetable for preparation of the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan:

Local Development scheme

Updated Timetable

The published timetable for the Local Development Scheme is subject to ammendments in order to allow adequate time for production of a robust and 'sound' Local Plan. For the updated timetable please review paragraphs 62-67 of the 6th April Cabinet report.


 Evidence Base

New Evidence

Eastleigh Open Space Study (Feb 2017)

Frequently Asked Questions



If you have any questions or need help in understanding the Emerging Eastleigh Local Plan 2011-2036 please contact:

Strategic Planning,
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Email: localplan@eastleigh.gov.uk