Action Points

Actions for EBC arising during the Hearing sessions and in the Inspector’s Post Hearings letter

There are two documents in which the Action Points are set out. The first is the Inspector’s post hearings letter (ED71) and the second document is the list of Action Points arising from the Hearings (ED72) . Both documents can be accessed below and there is some cross-over with the Action points being included in both documents.

Dates for the completion of the action points will be provided as soon as they are available and the List of Action Points from the Hearing will be updated with Examination Document numbers as they are submitted. Any documents submitted in response to the action points from the Inspector’s letter which are not included in the List of Actions will be posted individually on this page as well as in the Examination documents.

ED71    Inspector’s post Hearings letter to Eastleigh Borough Council

ED72    Inspector’s Actions Points for Eastleigh Borough Council arising during the Hearing sessions