Site Management

Since 1st October 2021 the owner and/or manager of a commercially run park home site is required to be assessed as a “Fit and Proper Person” to manage the site and included on a public register.

The Council assesses whether an owner or manager is fit and proper and in doing so has consideration to certain factors, including their business history and whether they:

  • are considered competent to manage the site
  • have broken any relevant laws
  • have provided a basic, up-to date criminal record check

A site cannot operate without the owner or manager passing the fit and proper person test.

Owners and managers where deemed fit and proper are included on the register for a period specified by the Council, up to a maximum of 5 years, after which they must reapply to remain on the register. Entry on the register may be subject to conditions which the site owner or manager must ensure they comply with.

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