Complaints & Disputes

Any concerns or complaints specifically in relation to the site licence and licence conditions should be raised to the site owner in the first instance and attempted to be resolved informally. Any complaints that you cannot resolve with the site owner can be reported the Local Council to investigate further.

Any concerns or complaints relating to any other matters, such as pitch fees, express terms of agreement, utilities etc. should be in the first instance raised to the site owner but where this is unable to be resolved informally it can be dealt with by the Tribunal.

The Southern Region Tribunal covers our area, their contact details are below:

First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)
Residential Property
Havant Justice Centre
The Court House
Elmleigh Road



Telephone: 01243 779 394

Fax: 0870 7395 900


Information, guidance and forms to apply to the tribunal can be found on the Tribunals website