Collections from flats

Find out more about your communal recycling and waste bin collections

Your flat has a dedicated bin store for the sole use of residents. Your bin store has a recycling bin, a glass recycling bin and a household waste bin. What you can recycle in each bin is explained below.

Your collection day

Your communal recycling bin is collected fortnightly 

What can I put in my communal recycling bin?

What can I put in my communal glass recycling bin?
If your bin store does not have a glass recycling bin please contact our Recycling Team on 023 8068 8440 or request a glass recycling bin

What can I put in my communal household waste bin?
Please make sure that all your waste is contained within a bin with the lid closed. Waste left outside of the bin store may be classified as fly-tipping. 

When bins won't be collected

Communal bins containing incorrect material can not be emptied, your landlord will be contacted and a charge will be made for emptying these bins. We will resume collections once the contaminated/incorrect waste has been cleared.

If any bins are not accessible, then your landlord will be contacted to arrange access or clearance of excess waste, and we will resume collections once access is clear.

Free reusable bags for residents

We offer reusable bags to residents who live in flats to make recycling easy.  To request a reusable bag please email our Recycling Team