Examination Documents subject to consultation

Consultation on Examination Documents submitted since July 2020

As part of the Main Modifications consultation on the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan, the Planning Inspector invited comments on the following Examination Documents. These are documents which have been submitted to the Examination between July 2020 – April 2021.

Examination documents

ED75          04.08.20    Inspector's letter to Eastleigh Borough Council concerning the ONS 2018 based Household Projections

ED76          05.08.20    Inspector’s letter to Eastleigh Borough Council concerning Use Classes Order

ED77          21.08.20    Council’s reply to the Inspector’s letter of 4 August (ED75) concerning Household Projections

ED84          15.10.20   Eastleigh Borough Countryside Gaps Study Report (This document is being published in advance of the Main Modifications as it is being referred to in the SoCG between EBC and RB Sports for the further hearing session on Mercury Marina HA2 which is being held on 5 January 2021)

ED86-ED100: EBC responses to the Inspector's Action Points from the Hearing Sessions

ED86          19.10.20    General Matters

ED87          19.10.20    Matter 1: Legal & procedural

ED88          19.10.20    Matter 2: Vision, objectives, Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulation Assessment

ED89          19.10.20    Matter 3: Strategic Policies, spatial strategy & distribution of development

ED90          19.10.20    Matter 4: Housing need, housing trajectory, housing land supply, five-year supply and affordable housing

ED91          19.10.20    Matter 5: Strategic Growth Option

ED92          19.10.20    Matter 6: Transport, infrastructure and delivery

ED93          19.10.20    Matter 7: General housing matters

ED94          19.10.20    Matter 8: Countryside & green infrastructure

ED95          19.10.20    Matter 9: Gypsies and travellers, nature conservation, recreation, open spaces and heritage

ED96          19.10.20    Matter 10: Meeting employment Needs and the Rural Economy

ED97          19.10.20    Matter 11: Community facilities and retail development

ED98          19.10.20    Matter 12: Climate change, flood risk and pollution

ED99          19.10.20    Matter 13: Site Allocations

ED100        19.10.20    Matter 14: Delivery and monitoring

ED101        July 2020  EBC: Housing supply update

ED102        July 2020  ORS: Affordable Housing Assessment update

ED103        Oct 2020   EBC: Employment provision and the Chickenhall Lane Link Road

ED103A      06.11.20   Letter from Network rail re Chickenhall lane Link road and employment provision

ED103B      06.11.20   Eastleigh Memorandum of Understanding Map 01

ED103C      06.11.20   Eastleigh Memorandum of Understanding Map 02.A

ED104        Oct 2020   EBC: Retail Provision with the SGO and Retail Needs

ED105        Oct 2020   EBC: Response to Inspector’s letter (ED76) on Implications of changes to the Use Class Order

ED106        29.04.21   LUC Sustainability Appraisal Addendum

ED107        19.10.20   Habitats Regulation Assessment Local Plan Main Modifications

ED108        20.04.21   Proposed Main Modifications to Local Plan

ED109       May 2021  Policies Map schedule

ED109a     May 2021  Map book 1 (PM1 and PM2)

ED109b     May 2021  Map book 2 (PM3)

ED109c     May 2021  Map book 3 (PM4-PM8 and PM15)

ED109d     May 2021  Map book 4 (PM6, PM9-PM20)

ED109e     May 2021  Map book 5 (PM21-PM34 and PM36-PM37)

ED109f     May 2021  Map book 6 (PM35)

ED110       May 2021  Proposed Additional Modifications to the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan

The Consultation took place between 9 June and 21 July 2021.