Housing (HOU)

HOU001 Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) Spatial Position Statement (2016) 

HOU002a PUSH SHMA (2014)

HOU002b PUSH SHMA - Appendices (2014)

HOU003 PUSH OAN update (2016)

HOU004 Eastleigh OAN Background Paper (June 2018)

HOU005 Government draft methodology (September 2017)

HOU006 Affordable Housing ORS (July 2017)

HOU007a Housing Trajectory (June 2018)

HOU007b Housing Trajectory - Tables 1-22 (June 2018)

HOU008 Housing Implementation Plan (June 2018)

HOU009 From SLAA to site allocations report

HOU010a Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) (May 2017)

HOU010b SLAA - Allbrook site assessment (2016)

HOU010c SLAA - Bishopstoke site assessment (2016)

HOU010d SLAA - Botley site assessment (2016)

HOU010e SLAA - Bursledon site assessment (2016)

HOU010f SLAA -Chandler’s Ford site assessment (2016)

HOU010g SLAA - Eastleigh site assessment (2016)

HOU010h SLAA - Fair Oak and Horton Heath site assessment (2016)

HOU010i SLAA - Hamble site assessment (2016)

HOU010j SLAA - Hedge End site assessment (2016)

HOU010k SLAA - Hound site assessment (2016)

HOU010l SLAA - West End site assessment (2016)

HOU11a Small and medium sites Background Paper (July 2018)

HOU011b Small and medium sites Background Paper - Site Maps (July 2017)

HOU012a Development Capacity Assessment (July 2017)

HOU012b Development Capacity Assessment - Addendum (November 2017)

HOU013 Accessible Housing and Internal Space Standards (June 2018)

HOU014 Local Plan 5 year land supply (quarterly report) (March 2018)

HOU015 Local Plan Five Year Land Supply (on Local Plan adoption) (October 2017)

HOU016 Water Efficiency (June 2018)

HOU017 Gypsy and Traveller Needs (February 2017)

HOU018 Small and medium site Background Paper – Supplementary Site Selection Report (November 2017)

HOU019 Small and medium sites Background Paper – Individual sites from Options D and E (October 2018)

HOU020 Housing Trajectory Update (Update doc 1a) (June 2019)

HOU021 Housing Trajectory Appendices (Update doc 1b) (June 2019)

HOU022 Viability Testing Local Plans (Harman Report 2012)