Phase 2: Improving the water system

Waterways and pathways will be improved around the lower ponds in autumn 2021

As part of the Hiltingbury Lakes Transformation Project, Eastleigh Borough Council has appointed B&M McHugh Ltd to carry out the next phase of improvement works which will be starting shortly.

To find out more please watch our video update.

The following works are due to commence on 15 October and are expected to be completed in early December 2021.

  1. Repairs to the four weirs at the lower ponds (we will be removing the temporary sheet piling on the lowest weir as part of this work)
  2. Repairs to riverbanks and eroded paths next to the lower ponds
  3. New footpath surfacing to create an improved walking route around the lower ponds.
  4. New drainage work to help rainwater find its way into the river without flooding the paths
  5. New and replacement fencing adjacent to (pond side of) the pathways around the lower ponds
  6. Replacement of the small wooden footbridge near the Kingsway entrance
  7. Replacement of the main bridge by the Main Lake including wooden balustrades
Microsoftteams Image (13)

This map shows the areas that will be affected during this phase of work and what repairs will be carried out.

You can download the map here.

All works have been approved by the Environment Agency.  Whilst this vital improvement work is being carried out, parts of the footpath network may be temporarily closed for the safety of visitors to The Lakes. We will aim to keep as much of the site as open as possible during the daytime and any areas that are closed off will only remain so for as short a period as possible.

If you have any comments or queries about the work being carried out, please contact: 
B&M McHugh Ltd on