Smoke, odours, dust and fumes

Burning can affect health and cause nuisance smells as well as damage

The most common type of smoke nuisance is caused by bonfires. Whilst bonfires aren’t banned, they should be avoided as they aren’t environmentally friendly, producing smoke and pollutants which can have damaging health effects. 

Instead of burning your garden rubbish please use our garden waste collection service our household reuse and recycling centres or home compost your garden waste.

One-off bonfires that are very large, produce excessive amounts of smoke, and are left to burn for long periods of time may also be considered a statutory nuisance.

Nuisance odours (smells), dust and fumes can be caused by a variety of sources including:

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial or industrial
  • Commercial or industrial bonfires
  • Commercial or industrial chimneys
  • Domestic chimneys
  • Cable burning

What should you do if you're affected by a nuisance? 

    1. Firstly you can try and speak to the person causing the nuisance – the majority of complaints can be resolved informally. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to your neighbour in person about the problem, you could start by writing them a friendly letter to explain how the nuisance is affecting you.
    2. If you know that the person who is creating the nuisance has a social landlord, you can make contact with the landlord and ask them to intervene. 
    3. Keep records of when and how long the nuisance occurs and if you can not find resolution contact us for advice.