Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It's a crime that damages the environment, risks public health and costs taxpayers to clean up.

You could be fined if your rubbish is fly-tipped 

Did you know dodgy waste carriers can ruin your bank balance, as well as the local area?

You are responsible for ensuring waste is disposed of legally once it leaves your home. That means if your waste is fly tipped by an unlicensed waste carrier that you’ve hired, you will receive a fine of up to £400. You may also be taken to court, where you face an unlimited fine if prosecuted.

Those who fly tip themselves face prosecution, an unlimited fine and up to five years in prison. 

Don’t pay twice 

Luckily it is easy to avoid getting caught out by these waste scammers. Simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Check the company's waste carrier licence number on the Environment Agency register of waste carriers. 
  2. Ask to see their waste carrier licence - it will look like this 
  3. Ask what will happen to your waste - a licensed waste carrier should not object to reasonable questions. 
  4. Make sure you get a waste transfer note and receipt for your waste and keep it as proof.

You might also consider using the Council's own bulky waste collection service (see below). 

Other ways to dispose of your waste

Use the council’s bulky waste collection service  

ThCouncil operates a bulky waste collection service where we collect and dispose of larger item, such as furniture, white good and mattresses.  

Household waste and recycling centres 

There are four household waste and recycling centres in the Borough. Most waste is free to dispose of. There are charges for householders taking soil and rubble (£3 per standard rubble sack or item of sanitary ware), asbestos (£12 per sheet) and plasterboard (£10 per sheet / £6 per bag). 

Report it 

We will remove illegally dumped rubbish from the public highway or Council owned land as soon as possible and will work with the Environment Agency to remove larger accumulations. We are also able to provide advice on fly-tipping on private land but the responsibility for its removal falls to the landowner. 

Let's stamp out fly-tipping together

If you have any information that may help to identify where the fly-tipped waste came from or who the offender is, please use the ‘Full report’ button below so our team can investigate the incident. Your information could help to stop a prolific fly-tipper, protecting the local environment.

If you have no information about who the offender is or where the waste may have come from, you can use the ‘Basic report’ button below, which will notify our StreetScene team to arrange collection of the waste.